"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.
This is the secret of success."
Swami Sivananda

Don’t You Just Love The Spring? Time For Spring Cleaning!

The sound of the birds chirping.  Everything gets green.  The flowers start budding and there is beautiful color everywhere.  You take off the layers of clothing and look forward to going out.  You don’t mind doing things because the heavy burden of winter gear is all over with and put out of sight.  Everything is better. Everything feels better.  Everything looks better.  You are better.

Time to spring clean.  You clean the windows and open them throughout the house so the air begins to flow and you actually feel your connection to the universe.  You hear the birds singing, watch the squirrels chasing one another, and hear the people as they walk by with their dogs.  You want to freshen up the house, take out the summer clothes and catch some of the rays of the sun while you feel this renewal within you and all around you.  You have energy again.  You walk with a bounce.  You clean with the music playing and you find that you are looking forward.  You are looking forward to the warm weather and the season of summer and of being outside.

While you are cleaning everything outside: the house, the walls, the windows, the furniture, the lawn, the garden, what about the internal cleaning?  How do you clean up your spirit?  How do you clean up your mindset?  How do you clean up your attitude?  You already feel your winter blues lifting.  The weather alone makes you happier and hopeful.  Now is the time to clean up whatever thought patterns that have been bringing you down or standing in your way of moving forward.  Allow yourself to grow with the garden.

Contact Madelynan Doyle at 516-236-3290 for some Spring Time, Personal Growth for some personal development and spring cleaning.  Office sessions are available in Lynbrook, New York but if you are not local, ask for a phone session or skype session.



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