We all know negative people.  Those are the people I try to avoid because they bring me down.  You can be celebrating and they will find something to complain about.  The weather is not right. The lighting is not right.  The food is not right.  The table settings are not right.  The music is too loud or not loud enough.  The dress is too much or not enough.  Whatever the event, there is something that is not good about it.  Rather than see all that is good, they will find the one thing there may be to complain about.  They look for the imperfection.  I like to focus on the positive.  There is so much in life to be grateful for that to concentrate or focus on the small imperfections takes the joy out of living.  I prefer to enjoy living.  How about you?


You know, more and more people are beginning to realize that we are the creators of our own happiness. What we think about, we bring about in our lives.  I am realizing more and more how this statement is true.  I’ve been studying and learning and have changed my thinking dramatically over the past several years.  I’ve lived for many years reacting to what happens in my world.  I am a good wife, good mother, good friend, and good worker and so on.  I make sure I do the best I can in any given situation.  However, I didn’t realize that I could create a different world for myself.  I do not have to react to what goes on around me; I can create instead!  I have struggled with the whole concept of manifesting what I want in my life.  It has taken me about five years to figure out how we manifest what comes into our lives.  I’m only beginning to see how what I think about comes about in my life.


I had a bit of a personal crisis with one of my children recently and the challenge consumed me.  All I could think about was this challenge and all I could concentrate on was how I was going to help my child develop good judgment even though I thought this was truly not possible to develop at his age.  I was consumed by this challenge.  The more I thought about it, the more his poor judgment presented itself.  The more I thought about it, the more people around me began having similar challenges with their sons.  It seemed everywhere I turned there was more evidence of poor judgment in young men.  Each time it presented itself, I thought, what a big problem, what a big challenge.  It’s everywhere.  Young men have poor judgment.  They just get themselves in trouble because they don’t make good decisions. Then I realized it was everywhere because this belief consumed me.I was in my own cup seeing the world from a very small space!  I was manifesting it in my life, everywhere I turned.  My preoccupation with young men’s inability to make good judgments caused it to manifest everywhere.  I was consumed and the problem consumed my life!


What I have learned is we really do need to learn to change our thinking.  Worrying, stressing, becoming consumed with a problem or issue does nothing to serve us.  You may think that if you concentrate or focus long enough, you will come up with a solution but I find that if you focus on the negative, you only see the negative.  Focusing on challenges or problems does not lead you to solutions.  It just digs deeper into the problem.  Focus on the positive.  Every situation has both a positive and negative side.  A coin has heads and tails.  The tide goes in and out.  The sun rises and falls.  Every situation has both positive and negative.  Focus on the positive.  Every situation offers an opportunity to learn and to grow.  So, learn and grow.  Take every situation and find a way to learn and grow.  Stay away from negativity.  Flip the coin.  You always have choice. Choose the positive.  Choose to learn.  Choose to stretch.  Choose to grow.


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