Learn to Reduce Anxiety from Your Mind, Body and Spirit


Intense anxiety is the type that can do physical damage along with the emotional damage. How do you handle your anxiety? What do you do when the realities of your world cause you such anxiety that you really don’t know where to turn? You can’t seem to find peace within your day to relax and appreciate the blessings. How do you help yourself? What can you do?

We all must learn ways to reduce anxiety. Stress and anxiety are part of life but we must find ways to reduce anxiety and stress in order to live healthy, happy lives in spite of the challenges life has to offer.

You must find a way to work off the stress and anxiety. You must find strategies to reduce stress and reduce anxiety. When you find yourself filled with stress and anxiety, it is very important to find some way to exercise and release the stress and anxiety. Maybe you don’t like to exercise in a gym or go running or spend an hour on a treadmill. That’s OK. Walk. Take time to walk and allow yourself time to really allow yourself to de-stress.

Place yourself in a nice environment where you can appreciate whatever is around you. Find a beautiful park, or a neighborhood that has lovely homes. Pay attention to the flowers growing, trees and other vegetation. Take deep breaths as you walk. Release the tension in your body with each breath you release. Walk fast and hard working off the tension and anxiety. Slow down if it gets too fast but once you slow down, pay attention to your breathing. Take in fresh air and let out the tense air from within your body. Walk until you feel you have cleansed yourself of the tension. Learn to reduce anxiety and reduce stress from your mind, body and spirit.

Clearly there are times when life’s challenges are intense and simple solutions are not able to resolve the challenge. During those times, you must find ways to allow your body and your mind to release the tension and anxiety. Everything that happens in life, happens for a reason. There are life lessons in every situation. Look carefully at your situation and consider the possible lessons you may need to be learning. Look at your situation from every angle. I am sure you will find lessons and in those lessons, you will grow and stretch. Growing pains sometimes hurt but we always change and grow. Move if you must. Walk and walk some more but open your mind and open your heart. Every challenge brings growth. Have faith in you and have faith that the universe has a rhythm that will bring you resolve. In the meantime, find ways to release the tension and anxiety in your mind, body and spirit. Learn to reduce anxiety and reduce stress. Keep your mind, body and spirit healthy by moving, walking, changing the energy within you. Reach out for help by emailing mdoyle@yourexcellencewithin.org or call 516 236 3290 for an office visit in Lynbrook New York.  And if you are not local to New York, call for a phone session or skype session.


  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Begin setting goals for your future
  • Focus on positive thoughts and change How You Feel

Many of us have gotten caught up in life and have given up on our dreams and desires. Don’t put yourself aside. Get the most out of life and get the most out of being you. Learn relaxation techniques, improve self esteem, reduce anxiety, begin setting up goals for your

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Meditation Can Help: Learn Meditation To Relax and Focus and Reduce  Stress andAnxiety.


This is the age of multitasking. One activity so many of us engage in is surfing the Internet. The different websites gives us hours of entertainment, access to what seems like infinite knowledge and endless opportunities. These sites can include games, videos, research and so much more. There are endless ways to fill our brain with activity.

There is nothing wrong with keeping ourselves entertained but it may not be good if we are always distracted. It may become more difficult to focus on one thing when you really need to focus. We need to find ways to relax and focus and reduce stress and anxiety.

We really do not need to take huge precautions to help us focus. Meditation may be the vehicle we need to use to get our minds focused for concentration and to reduce stress and anxiety that may interfere with our functioning. Many people use meditation to improve concentration at the same time reduce stress and anxiety. There are different methods that can be used to get the job done. Relax and focus.

Start with breathing. When you are breathing slowly and deeply, you will notice that you have better concentration.  You also release stress and anxiety as you breathe slowly and deeply.  You feel your body relax. You need to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply to meditate. It may sound easy, but it can be difficult to do if you have many distractions all around you. Take the time to clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing. Relax and focus.

Some people recite a mantra in meditating. This is a phrase that is done over and over by you. Some people pray as their form of mantra while others repeat sounds or hum to clear their minds and experience meditation. The repeating of the phrase or sound will be the center of your meditation period and it will keep you focused. The process of meditation will help you relax, release stress and anxiety and then focus.

The purpose of meditation is to calm the mind at the same time it calms the body and spirit. Our lives are filled with activity that often clutters our thinking and distracts our focus.  This clutter can increase stress and anxiety.   Through meditation we have the opportunity to clear our minds, calm our minds and focus our energies which often helps lead to clarity, peace and contentment. Meditation is medicine for the mind, body and spirit. Does it get better than that? Learn to meditate, relax and focus.

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