“Don’t Let Frustration Get the Best of You; Go For Your Goal!

Frustration is an emotional response to circumstances that interfere with you reaching your goal. Frustration can hit you several times a day. You can begin simply with traffic, blocking your ability to arrive at work, an appointment, a date or other event. You may become frustrated with every driver you encounter on the rode. You may become frustrated at work by working hard and realizing that the more you do, the more you are given to do, while the incompetent workers around you seem to have no demands on them whatsoever. You may go home to a messy house, the demands of providing dinner, and laundry that’s overflowing. Once again, your frustration builds.   With it comes anxiety.  You begin to feel out of control and overwhelmed.  So, what do you do to manage all the frustrations of the day? Just how do you cope? After all, this was just an ordinary day, so how do you release the frustrations of your day?  How do you handle the anxiety that comes with this overwhelmed state?

Frustration and anxiety can destroy your health and well-being. Frustration and anxiety can lead to devastating effects in your body. Frustration is a trigger for stress and we all know that stress can literally kill. Frustration, that exasperating experience of being stopped or blocked or in your effort to find satisfaction, starts with birth and continues for the rest of our life and with it brings that feeling of anxiety and nervousness that you just can’t handle it all. Frustration and anxiety are facts of life and are guaranteed a part of the human condition. You can’t avoid it; you have to learn to cope with it. So exactly how do you cope?

Do you curse out every driver when stuck in traffic? Do you scream at people at work? Do you go home and scream at your kids, your spouse, or your dog? Does your frustration and anxiety turn into anger? Do you move up or down the emotional spectrum? How do you cope?

The more important your goal, the greater your frustration when you are unable to reach your goal and the greater your emotional response. Frustration and anxiety may come from internal or external sources. Frustration stemming from internal sources involves feelings of inadequacy. You may feel a lack of confidence which increases your anxiety. You may fear social situations that prevent you from reaching a goal. You may experience conflicting responses such as the desire to get to know someone but a fear of rejection which stops you from any interaction. Competing goals interfere with one another and therefore interfere with your reaching your goals. External causes of frustration involve conditions outside the person. Examples of external causes are a blocked road, a lack of money, or lack of transportation. Just how do you handle frustration?  How do you handle your anxiety?

Some people handle their frustration and anxiety by engaging in regressive behavior. They become almost childish and revert to earlier ways of coping. This may help you cope with the frustration and move you out of the intense emotional response or it may just help you avoid handling the frustration by diverting your behavior.


Have you ever really examined how and what you do to handle your frustrations and anxieties. This may be worth evaluating. If what you want is to reach a goal, you need to be able to stay focused on your goal. Life offers challenges that can interfere with your plan of action to reach your goal. You need to be able to be flexible. You need to be able to go with the flow of life. Learn to relax. Take deep breaths. Slow down. Concentrate on breathing and feel yourself begin to relax. Make your breaths go deeper. Force the air deeper down into your lungs. Let that air flow out of your body. Appreciate exhaling and let tension and frustration flow out of your body. Feel yourself relax. Let the frustration go and most of all, don’t take your eye off the goal. Just realize there may be more routes to take to get there. Breathe deep and enjoy the ride. Go for the goal!

  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Begin setting goals for your future
  • Focus on positive thoughts and change How You Feel


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