Parenting Is The Toughest Job In The World!


How Do You Get To Be The Best Parents In The World?


You brought the most beautiful little baby into this world and you were going to the best parent in the world. That was the plan. You brought the baby home and just couldn’t look at him/her enough. So beautiful. So perfect. So totally dependant on you. You weren’t worried though. You were ready. You planned for this and you couldn’t be happier. Even though everyone has told you that parenting is the toughest job in the world, you aren’t worried. You can do this and enjoy every minute. You’re confident and you are ready to be the best parent in the world.

Then life begins. The baby doesn’t sleep through the night for months. But you get through that. Just when you think it’s getting a little easier, the baby starts teething and you are up each night once again. Eventually the baby is mobile, crawling all over the place and getting into everything. Soon, baby is walking, talking, running, climbing, jumping and really getting into everything. The baby is talking and all s/he says is no. Oh boy, here it comes. Now you are screaming, always saying no and ready to pull your hair out. Setting limits is the pits. You know that children need boundaries but you are always screaming. What happened? You, the best parent in the world! The child is only 2.

Alright, so parenting is a lot more than you expected it to be. Maybe it is the toughest job in the world. Before you know it, you have pre-teenagers. Setting limits is a lot harder than you expected. Now they are saying a lot more than no and trying to push every limit and rule you’ve had since they were born. As they get older and more into adolescents it just seems to get worse. You know that children need boundaries but they fight your every move. Now, you’re just waiting for them to go away to college. So much for being the best parent in the world! Parenting is the toughest job in the world!

Alright. Parenting is really tough but you know what, there is no greater reward than seeing a really fine young man or woman enter the world of adulthood. Setting limits was not easy but worth it. Children need boundaries and watching them mature into people who contribute to the world in a really meaningful way gives the kind of pride that fills your heart and soul. When you see responsible, responsive, people of character enter the work force, starting their adult lives, able to contribute to the well being of others and support themselves, you know that all those challenges of the past were so worth every minute. Parenting may be the toughest job in the world but there is nothing more rewarding.

So, relax. Yes there are tough moments. There may even be very difficult stages that go on for what seems like an eternity. No child goes to college without giving up the bottle or learning to use the bathroom. Learning to say no just shows the potential for independence. Pre-Adolescence and Adolescence are stages meant for the child to learn to separate and to exert their independence. Focus on the positive. Support their strengths and reward what you want to reinforce. Pick your battles. Life is not a battlefield. Learn to ignore those things that are not threatening their safety and well being. Children are in the process of becoming the adults they will someday be. Learn to enjoy the process.

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