"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.
This is the secret of success."
Swami Sivananda

Expect To Be Amazed By Life And You Will!

Do you ever  get amazed by life?  Today is an absolutely exquisite day in New York.  It’s probably in the seventies with a nice breeze, not really cool but also not warm like you get in the spring and summer.  A lot of the leaves have turned colors and many of them are falling to the ground.  You still see a lot of green but there are oranges, browns and reds along with yellows and various shades of green.  It has a fall look but almost a spring feel.   The birds are singing and the squirrels playing.   It’s one of those days when it’s just great to be alive!  It’s also one of those days when you are aware there is a power greater than yourself.  You feel the change in the universe.  It may be one of the last really comfortably warm, gorgeous days left before we see the colder air come in, the trees become bare, and watch the earth appear to go dormant through the winter season. It’s a day calling you outside saying, “Come and enjoy.  Soon it will change and you will be inside escaping the cold.”

I love living in the northeast and enjoying the change of seasons.  It makes me aware that change always comes.  Change occurs  in nature; it occurs in relationships; it occurs in careers; it occurs throughout every aspect of life.  I believe that change is good.  Change helps us to know we are alive and that no matter what is going on in your life, change will come once again.  It always does.  And because of this, there is always hope for the better. There is always the expectation for a brighter day.

No matter how happy, rich, intelligent, creative, or whatever, we always reach for more and reach for the better.  We know that change comes and from that, we always want more, we always want better.  We always want to move forward.  Once we have achieved a goal, we automatically set another.  This is helpful to think about when you are in a slump and feel you are stuck.  The reality is, you are never stuck.  Change always occurs.  You may think you are stuck, but that thought is an illusion.  No matter what, change is always happening.  Expect good things to come.

We are vibrational beings.  We are energy, just like the trees.  They may be loosing their leaves preparing for winter.  And in the winter when they are looking barron, they are simply storing their energy to bloom once again in the spring.  We may feel stuck, but perhaps we too are storing our energy so that we too can bloom when the time is right.  We change like nature.  Sometimes our energy ebbs and then flows.  Be patient with whatever state you may feel you are in and have faith that the state will change.  Change always comes.  There is a rhythm to life.  Enjoy and appreciate the rhythm.  Enjoy and appreciate each day.  Enjoy and appreciate you.  Expect the best from life and then, demand it!  And most of all, enjoy it!

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