Stop, Think, Breathe And Learn To Really Relax.


If you have taken time to relax, to breathe, and perhaps to listen to the positive voices in your head, you may have noticed that you are feeling a bit better: more relaxed, confident and focused. It is so easy to get caught up in a fast paced lifestyle. You end up feeling like you are in a race you can’t win. But once you have slowed down, taking a few moments to yourself, cleaning your mind, body and spirit, you begin to rejuvenate feeling more and more like yourself. You begin to reconnect with your inner self. You begin to appreciate time for rest and relaxation.

We do a lot of reacting to what life offers forgetting to stop, think, and breathe. If we don’t slow down, life can feel like it’s running us down. Perhaps you think everyone else seems to be winning and you think you are losing. Stop, think, breathe…. You may just need to slow down the fast paced lifestyle that is running you into the ground. You are not in a race. You are not in competition. Stop, breathe and take time for rest and relaxation and relieve stress and tension from your body. It’s important to develop strategies to relax to stay happy and healthy.

Once you have gotten into taking a few moments to yourself, focusing on your breathing, cleansing the toxins from your mind, body and spirit, expand the exercise. Try this every day for a month. Take few moments each day to sit quietly and breathe deeply in a quiet spot where you know there will be no interruptions. Slowly let the air fill your body. While Imagining it flowing throughout your entire body, from your head to your toes, imagine yourself in your favorite place.

Perhaps you have vacationed somewhere that was filled with natural beauty, the kind of beauty that takes your breath away. If you’ve never visited, perhaps you’ve seen pictures, movies or videos that captured this natural beauty. See yourself there. Experience the wonder of the universe and really see yourself there. With each slow, deep breath you take in, you are cleansing your entire being at the same time enjoying and appreciating the beauty of your favorite place. As you exhale, you eliminate all toxins from your head to your toes enjoying this cleansing cycle.

This experience in all it’s beauty and wonder fills you, cleaning your mind, body and soul. Sit for some time each day, going through this process and check how you feel. This is teaching your body rest and relaxation. Stretch the exercise as long as your schedule can allow or until you feel refreshed and grateful to be alive. This will relieve stress and tension from your body. Clear your mind, clear your body, renew your soul. Escape the fast paced lifestyle and go to your favorite place whenever you need. This is your perfect spot, to be enjoyed as often for as long as you need to relax and enjoy life each and every day.

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Madelynan Doyle is a counselor and mental health professional who
has been helping people for over 25 years. She is the founder of MASD Solutions.





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