Find Your Joy; Find Your Love For Life!

When you lose touch with the inner you, you will find you are reacting rather than responding to life. Think purposefully and stay focused so that you will attain an abundant life. It is easy to react but often you don’t get what you want out of life when you are merely reacting. You will also find that you are not happy when you are simply reacting. You will find happiness when you listen to your inner you. This inner, deeper self, is where you will find your wisdom, peace and contentment. It is also where you “feel” your connection to the “universe” and to all others sharing in this universe.

We are so quick to keep up in this fast paced life style. We have to keep up with everyone around us or I guess we think we will lose some kind of edge. Because of this competition, this need to keep up and not lose (I’m not sure what); we have given up thinking and have learned just to react to whatever is going on around us. We find ourselves doing things and wondering why. We have forgotten to think first. Don’t loose touch with the inner you. If we give up thinking, we give up our own power. Thinking is where we get our power so think purposefully. We have to listen to our inner voice. Listen to the inner you. Slow down. Think. Question. And most of all, listen to your inner you. How do you answer those hard questions in life? Think purposefully and you will find those answers.

If you slow down and listen to your inner you and listen to your heart, you will find your wisdom. You will find your power. You will find your connections to this universe and you will find your answers to life’s challenges. Think purposefully because the greatest benefit is you will find your joy and find your love giving you strength, power and appreciation for the gift of life you have been given. Don’t loose touch with the inner you. Nurture you and listen carefully to the inner you. Love you and then you will grow in love with others. Don’t react but rather, respond to living and loving in life.

  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Begin setting goals for your future
  • Focus on positive thoughts and change How You Feel


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